Chaw Kalayar

Chaw Kalayar

Shwe Poe Eain Never Give Up Whenever She Faces Hardship In Arteries World

Shwe Poe Eain
Photo By- Thein Zaw Win

Shwe Poe Eain accepts every offers to cast in movie whatever the character match her. She takes every chance to cast in every character. Currently she is working both own business and arteries activities at the same time. She mainly tries to cast on the character what she will have to.

Lu Lu Aung- A Single Mom But Also A Professional Model Girl

Lu Lu Aung

Lu Lu Aung divorced her husband and she is now living as single mom with one daughter. Lu Lu Aung gave her daughter safety feeling by allowing her ex-husband to discuss about the future of her daughter. She does not want to give up her professional modeling job meanwhile she is taking care of her daughter so that she gets help from friends to do photo shootings. Then she uploaded her photos on social media later she got the opportunity to be a professional model girl for commercials.

Yadanar Bo- Working With Good Friends And Mentors Is Better Than Alone

Yadanar Bo

Yadanar Bo admitted in hospital due to her eye and she is fine at all. But she will have to do follow up and she hasn’t done it yet because she does not have free time. When she has free time during casting in film movie, she will do follow up for her eye. Her eye was infected after she is getting high fever. She had cry in movie scenes 15 days after discharge from hospital. She was afraid of crying in the first movie and but she was ok later. She brought all the medicine for her eye.