Actress Ei Chaw Po Is Casting In Film Movies Continuously

Ei Chaw Po

Ei Chaw Po got opportunities to work arteries activities continuously in year 2016. Even the end of year 2016, in December, she does not have any break to do movie shootings.

May Pan Che Could Lose Her Weight In Short Period By Using Different Technique

May Pan Che

May Pan Che was sick and there is inconvenience working in arteries world due to her body weight was 162 pounds. She could lose her body weight 14 pounds last a few days so that she is now 148 pounds. She used diet pills and lotions however those did not help her to lose her weight but it was getting worse.

Myanmar-Jew Hybrid Model Girl May Yati Zaw

May Yati Zaw,

Q: So, let’s tell about your recent activity.
A: Because it is near the Valentines Day, I am busy taking couple photo and catalogue photo for designer dress. And involved in the movie “Who paint the sky blue?” with actor dawn and actress Nang Htet Htet Oo from Satori video production.