Shwe Hmone Yati Is Still Far Away To Get Married

Shwe Hmone Yati,

Shwe Hmone Yati

Teenager actress Shwe Hmone Yati said it is far to get married. What she said about her marriage on Facebook was just teased her fans. The intention of teasing is she just wanted to know the relationship status between she and her fans.

Alice Ong Learnt About Many Life Lessons When She Was Young

Alice Ong

Alice Ong moved to Yangon from Taunggyi with her mother after her parents divorced. She got everything what she wanted when she was teenager. She missed the moment in Taunggyi when she arrived in Yangon.

Nay Inzara Wants More Chance To Present Her Skills To Audiences

Nay Inzara

There are many people who are trying to get success in the arteries world. Nay Inzara is the one who will shine as a star in the arteries world. We hope audience will like the photo album of her and she is getting attention from audiences via movie series.