2014 World Cup Theme Photo Album of Thiri Shinn Thant

Thiri Shinn Thant is holding ball

The outfit fashion is based on color of Brazil national flag and it looks gorgeous. She announced via government's newspaper that whoever use this photo album somehow including uploading to Online, will be sued. Attractive Thiri Shinn Thant & 2014 World Cup, this photo album is shooting for 8days journal cover. She is so hot in this album and so well-matched with her yellow outfit, world-cup and ball.

Thiri Shinn Thant with yellow outfit

Thiri Shinn Thant with 2014 World Cup theme

Thiri Shinn Thant & 2014 World Cup


Thiri Shinn Thant declared via government newspaper that all the medias who are using modified or fake photo her shall be removed within one week. In the declaration said that Advertisements, Magazine, Journal, Wall-sheet, MTV, Social Networking websites, other online pornography websites who are using her photos with modified, redesigned must remove from them within one week, if not she will sue them.

Thiri Shinn Thant is holding world cup

Thiri Shinn Thant is kissing world cup

Thiri Shinn Thant with ball and world cup

She does not answer the phone call from medias in order to make interview about them. Medias does not clear that which photos she is referring. Lawyer Daw Nwe Ni Tin of actress Thiri Shinn Thant said that she did not mention which photos that she refer and it is just announcement regarding her willingness. If she knows exact refered photo, she will announce again, Lawyer said. The announcement is in order to cover her dignity.

During the Football world-up competition, this photo album of Thiri Shinn Thant was released from 8 days journals and most of the people comment that she is so hot in that album.

Make up -Yar Yar (khin san Win )