Hottie Photo Model Baby Mg Photos Album

balck fashion photo of Baby Mg

Uncertain source says that Baby Mg is the girl friend of famous R&B singer Issani. Issani is used to sing as featuring singer with Ye Lay who is well known R&B singer among teenager.

baby mg is outdoor on the bridge

Famous Photo Model- Baby Mg


Baby Mg becomes a successful photo model because of her body beauty photos and now she become the main actress in movies offering by Lucky Place movie production, Tin Kay Ta movie production and Seik Ta Arr Yone movie production. She also acted as secondary actress in previous seven movies before. People like her body beauty photos and she gains a lot of fans because of those. If even she was never modeling as naked, but since people gave her negative comments she decided not to act in body beauty photos anymore. She will choose the dresses regarding the characters to be in movies.

Myanmar Model

white fashion photo of baby mg

Baby Mg attended Star & Model International training center on 2009 and she was interested by Journal and Magazine for cover photos shootings.

Date of Birth: 22-February-1991
Education: Second Year in Myanmar Literature
Race: Burmese-Karen
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 110 lbs
Hobby: Photo Modeling
Model Agency: Star Model Agency