Miss Universe Myanmar 2014 Contestants

photo of Chuu Nadi Khin
Chuu Nadi Khin, Waist No-1

photo of Shwe Sin Ko Ko
Shwe Sin Ko Ko, Waist No-2

photo of Poe Ei Phyu Sin
Poe Ei Phyu Sin, Waist No-3

photo of Sweety Ko
Sweety Ko, Waist No-4

photo of Su Nandar Aung
Su Nandar Aung, Waist No-5

photo of Zune Thanzin
Zune Thanzin, Waist No-6

photo of Khaing Mi Mi Zaw
Khaing Mi Mi Zaw, Waist No-7

photo of Thaw Ri Kyaw
Thaw Ri Kyaw, Waist No-8

photo of Queenie
Queenie, Waist No-9

photo of Lin Latt Wint
Lin Latt Wint, Waist No-10

photo of Yoon Yati
Yoon Yati, Waist No-11

photo of J Naw
J Naw, Waist No-12


photo of Poe Kyar Phyu
Poe Kyar Phyu, Waist No-13

photo of Zu Zu Myint Lwin
Zu Zu Myint Lwin, Waist No-14

photo of Su Myat Noe Kyaw
Su Myat Noe Kyaw, Waist No-15

photo of Yoon Mhi Mhi Kyaw
Yoon Mhi Mhi Kyaw, Waist No-16

photo of Hazel Nyi Nyi Htun
Hazel Nyi Nyi Htun, Waist No-17

photo of Sharr Htut Eaindra
Sharr Htut Eaindra, Waist No-18

photo of May Zinmar Ko
May Zinmar Ko, Waist No-19

photo of Eaint Myat Noe
Eaint Myat Noe, Waist No-20

This photo album is collection of portrait photos of beauty queens who will be participated in Miss Universe Myanmar competition. Each photos can be distinguished by their waist number.