Photo shooting San Yati Moe Myint at Singapore

The photos from Santosa, Singapore collection of actress San Yati Moe Myint.

san yati moe myint with red outfit

San Yati Moe Myint is visiting at singapore

San Yati Moe Myint at santosa photo shooting


San Yati Moe Myint is a teenage beefy actress and model girl. This album is shooting at Singapore, Marina Bay, Santosa 2014. She had been faced RUMOR about she was broken Ah Boy and Cindy's family who are famous local singers.When she confronts the bad rumors about her, she feels so upset at first. But she realizes that it is not only on her. Most of the people are magnify even a small case.

beefy actress san yati moe myint

San Yati Moe Myint at santosa beach singapore

She said that she acting only in movies which is suitable to Myanmar community since no strict censorship. She always careful not only in style, also fashion and make-up during acting in movies. She mind out her mistakes, correct them.

Photo- Htay Win (Singapore)