Thun Sett Has Good Long Relationship

Cute Actress & Model- Thun Sett
Photo- Nyar Na

Thun Sett becomes a main actress via Quiz Palace program, Academy Prize holding assistance and secondary actress in movies.

Cute Actress & Model- Thun Sett
Photo- Aye Zaw Moe, England Flag Texture Fashion

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She is so pleased about the positive comment that she is improving her acting skills from Chair-man of Myanmar Motion Picture Organization Lu Min. She pronounces Lu Min as Uncle Lay. If movie producers will give her great responsibilities in movies, she admits that she is not able to take. Especially she does not want her fans hate her at beginning of her actress career life. There is not much choice except the fans for new actress, Thun Sett said. She will act her best according the character in movie. Some of her fans comment that her voice is so childish but she can improve her voice now. They also do not like her with very hot fashion.

Myanmar Model & Actress

Cute Actress & Model- Thun Sett

Thun Sett admits that her long relationship with her boyfriend is fine and he is still the same one before. She said her boyfriend understands about her job so that they do not have any serious problems among them. She thinks that the relationship with artists need more understanding each other. She is still so lucky about her relationship and she is uncertain about her future relationship about him because she believes in Fortune.

Birthday- March 29
Languages- Burmese and English
Graduated from University of East Yangon(Tarwa),2011.
High School- B.E.H.S(4)Ahlone, Yangon, Myanmar
Professional- Actress and Model
Thun Sett is very attractive model girl in Myanmar.
Photography by: Photo Nyar Na (Commercial Photo & Video)