Zune Than Sin Miss Myanmar Universe 2014 Contestant

Waist No:6- Zune Than Sin holding national flag

Zune Than Sin is one of the contestants in Miss Myanmar Universe 2014 competition final stage.

Waist No:6- Zune Than Sin on the chair

Waist No:6- Zune Than Sin at 8days journal photo

Waist No:6- Zune Than Sin attractive pose


Her purpose of participating in this event is she wants to be representative of nation and she expected to be. She said she tries her best in the event. She learnt foreign languages in order to prepare for Miss Myanmar International competition and she will learn other more languages for Miss Myanmar Universe competition. She is very taking care of her body shape because participants of event will have to wear swimming suit.

Miss Universe Myanmar 2014 Contestant Waist No-6

Waist No:6- Zune Than Sin photo by STS

Zune Than Sin thinks the most important skill for Miss Beauty is should have good mental than other beauties. She admits that she envies senior Miss Beauties and wants to be like them. She prepared Myanmar traditional dancing for talent show in event and she is a student from National University of Art and Culture, Yangon. She is 1st runner up winner in Miss Myanmar International competition. She has experience in participating in foreign country competitions and she won The Best National Consume prize with Myanmar traditional dress during competition in South Korea. Zune Than Sin said she will be volunteer in charity works after Miss Myanmar Universe 2014 event.

Height- 5' 8"
Birthday- June 26, 1995
In a Relationship with Sai Min Thu