Horror Movie Actress Khun Sint Nay Chi

Khun Sint Nay Chi with attractive body shape

horror movie actress Khun Sint Nay Chi

Khun Sint Nay Chi with blue outfit


Beauty Fitness Model & Actress Khun Sint Nay Chi, she's popular with acting in scary horror movies she is very well-know especially in movie named Milestone-26 (Min Dine Na Sae Choke) based on true story which is a mother and daughter were hit by a private car and they died there immediately then they turned to ghosts. Their bodies had been buried at their death place by driver. They find out who was the drive of that private car and they identify the truth.

Khun Sint Nay Chi

good shape body of Khun Sint Nay Chi

Khun Sint Nay Chi said that whenever she is asked that some parts of her body are fakes, she has no words to reply. She was awarded eight Miss Beauty awards not in Model competitions. When she participated in Miss Beauty competition, she was examined by female doctor whether there is scars on her body or not. If contestants passed the medical examination, they gain 10 scores. Then they have to compete on the stage regarding walking styles, appearances, the beauty of body and voice by presenting seven different body posts.

Khin Sint Nay Chi had been trained with long-term plans and her trainer was U Sein Maung. She did belly exercise 1200 time daily in order to control the fat from belly. She did not gain Miss Beauty award easily. In this photo album, she exposes her body shape with blue outfit and photographer Thein Zaw Win's creation. You are recommended to watch that movie but be informed that do NOT laugh. :P