Model Nwe Darli Tun For Calendar Photo Shoot at Ngwe Saung

colorful photo of nwe darli tun
Colorful Photo at Ngwe Saung Beach

Model Nwe Darli Tun For calendar colorful photo shooting in Ngwe Saung Beach which is one of very well-known, beautiful and tourist attraction beaches in Myanmar. The beach is so blue and clean, recommended a place to make relax. Wetted fashion is make apparent and attractive photo.

attractive model girl Nwe Darli Tun at beach

Nwe Darli Tun is shiny under sunlight
This photo was taken at glaucoma of the stream.


Nwe Darli Tun at sunset scence

Nwe Darli Tun

Nwe Darli Tun said that she has no problem with medias at all and they are like a family for her. Since she becomes a model she never been faced that medias are kick her out. She feels lucky that she get only helps form them. She participated in “Women Day” catwalk show and she acted with Nan Myat Phyo Thinn and Nang Thuzar together in one of the MTV from “Ta Nge Chin” music album.

Nwe Darli Tun said whatever the artist try the best without the role of media, it is really difficult to success. Now she becomes a well-know model because of supporting by fans and medias. Nwe Darli Tun has ability to show the products obviously rather than her beauty in advertisement programs.

Photo- Peter
Hair and Make up- May Oo
Dress- Ma Gyi, Ma Lay (Kool Fashion)