Fans Expect May Hnin Thu To Be Miss World Myanmar 2014

May Hnin Thu at reveal advertisement photo
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May Hnin Thu at miss gold land myanmar competition

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May Hnin Thu with world cup theme
Flawless On And Off The Field With Reveal

May Hnin Thu with beach theme

May Hnin Thu is studying in Law Major and she said that exam date and Miss World 2014 competition date are time conflict. She feels very upset which one she need to make priority and have to make very important decision. She is standing between he beauty pageants with Passionately and academic which is very important for life now. She is also so sorry and loves the people who are supporting her ingenuously and devoutly. May Hnin Thu is beatitude for those people who are expecting her to be a winner of Miss World. She promises that she will try her best and sometimes it is depend on karma. In fact, she participated in Miss World 2014 in order to gain experiences but she got luck to win.

Please continue to support her. She will always try her best and will not let her fan disappointed.

Miss Golden Land (Waist No. 7)
Name: May Hnin Thu
Hometown: Yangon
Age: 21
Height: 5’ 7”
Nationality: Myanmar
Education: Final Year (Law)
Interests: Photography, Fitness and Nutrition, Swimming, Doing Charity Work
Talents: Myanmar and Rakhine Traditional Dance