Singer So Tay Does Not Care Rumors

singer so tay

After intensive car accident, he was making music all the time during medical treatments. His health is almost perfect however kneel is still need to heal.

singer so tay does not care rumors


Singer So Tay said he is making MTV for second music album called “Min Ga Lar Bar” and creating music for third music album. He prefers to create Soft music and Love music. Currently he is trying to release MTV of second music album. He has selected music for third music album and it is his single album. All the music are created by him with his heart so that he sing as single and feel on them.

singer so tay, chaw chaw and cho cho

singer so tay and his wives

After intensive car accident, rumors were spread out, and the people say that once So Tay is back to normal, everything will be cleared. He answer that everything about the rumor is fine now and rumor never spread out very long. Mistake also never will be forever. Rumor will also fade out someday. He is so thankful to his fans and he will continue his singing, he will try and donate happily more than before. He has created many songs for his fans.