Interview With A Rising Actress Yadanar Bo

Yadanar Bo

Yadanar Bo is crazy about artist job and she is acting in several movies. Click Read More and see her interview session about her idea on artists job.

Yadanar Bo
Yadanar Bo Photo For Star Focus Magazine Cover

Yadanar Bo


Yadanar Bo
Photo- Green Zone (Min Thant)

Yadanar Bo
Photo- Min Ko

Q: Is your hobby Acting?
A: I love to be an actress and it is my dream since childhood. I am interested and crazy to be an actress. I admired some of senior actresses, May Than Nu, Htun Eaindra Bo, Eaindra Kyaw Zin, Thet Mon Myint and Moe Hay Ko.

Q: Why did you step into the artist environment?
A: I love acting and I will try my best to be an good actress.

Q: Are you participating in catwalk shows?
A: Yes, I am in some and recently I am working with Mr.Cho Gyi. I am doing catwalk in Fashion Shows, Designer Shows and Product Shows.

Q: What do you think about the most important issue for acting?
A: I think to be a best actress needs to have perfect qualification and learn everything. Also learn from seniors and mentors.

Q: What do you learn about acting?
A: I have mentors at Mandalay and Yangon. I learn from them about acting as much as I can.

Q: What do you think about sponsorship of actress?
A: I will continue my acting career life with my best. To be a successful actress is also depend on karma. Although Sponsorship of actress is popular in Yangon, I just recently move to Yangon from Mandalay so that I have no idea about it.

Q: Do you have any portfolio about acting?
A: I acted in MTVs and movies. Recently I acted in “Poisoned Past” movie with Htike San Moss directed by D Aye Lwin.

Q: Did you have any difficulties during your acting career life?
A: I did but I never upset whenever facing those difficulties. I solved every problem carefully and patiently.

Q: Have you ever been lose face as a new actress?
A: I often have sort of experiences and sometimes I am disappointed. But I always realize that is nature of the job and ignore them. Whatever it is, I will continue my actress career life at my best.