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Phway Phway At 2015 Smart Group Of Companies Calender
Phway Phway

Director Wyne decided to cast actress Phway Pway in the film “Honey, I am just a rose” after Thet Mon Myint rejected the role offer. Apparently, actress Thet Mon Myint was reluctant to do it due to the involvement of a kissing scene in the said film. Fearing the anger of her fans was the reason why she refused the part, according to the country’s internal newspaper journals’ revelation. Actress Phway Phway says, “I agreed to do this film because the plot is extremely good. I also felt I could take this on. Ko Wyne is also one of my teachers, so if Ko Wyne is going to film it, then I surely dare to be in it. Another factor is that I trust Ko Wyne. And I also like the film’s plot line, so I accepted the role.”

Yoon Mhi Mhi Kyaw At 2015 Smart Group Of Companies Calender
Yoon Mhi Mhi Kyaw

Singer 9-1 broke his silence regarding his feelings about his girlfriend Yoon Mhi Mhi Kyaw’s achievement of “first runner up” status in “Miss Universe Myanmar” with a few words to their critics. Here are his words, “Everything is fine in our love. If I were to speak truthfully about my feelings about her prize, she really wanted the “Miss” title, but if she had won that, I would only be half-happy. Now though, I am very happy because she got the “first runner up” title instead. Before participating in the contest, for a week, she had no contact with me. Since phones were kept away, we couldn’t contact each other. There were some days when she was sick also. I had no idea what she was doing or how she was getting on. I had a lot of days when I couldn’t go to sing, or do anything at all. So, if she had gotten the “Miss” title now, she would have gone to America and lost contact with me for two whole months.”

Aye Myat Thu At 2015 Smart Group Of Companies Calender
Aye Myat Thu

Formerly well-known for wearing revealing designs as her clothing fashion, Aye Myat Thu says recently as she has matured in age, she has also calmed down and started to favor Myanmar traditional costumes more. “At a turning point in her age, a woman usually experiences a change. Just like that, my tastes also changed,” she says.

At 2015 Smart Group Of Companies Calender
Unknown Photo Model


May Thun Kha At 2015 Smart Group Of Companies Calender
May Thun Kha

May Thun Kha started her artist career life with the name ‘Kham Ei Ei Mon’ and after two years she changed her name to ‘May Thun Kha’ according the suggestion of astrologer. Astrologer said if she does not change her name, she will be tired and take longer time to success in entertainment industry so that she changed her name. She learns about fashion via online and she follows the instruction of director about fashion for commercial Ad programs. She also learns about artist with reading Magazines and Journals, watching local and foreign movies.

Aye Chan Moe At 2015 Smart Group Of Companies Calender
Aye Chan Moe

Trying her best to juggle education with her artist career is Model Aye Chan Moe. Currently, as she is still pursuing her education, she has to moderate her works of modeling in shows and acting as a presenter while on the path of her artistic journey. “Right now, as usual, I do magazine photo shootings. And take up duties as a presenter sometimes. Also, now that the exams are near, I also give priority to studying for them. If I were to take up making films, it would occupy too much of my time. Now I am just focusing on finishing my studies. Only after finishing school, I will consider it. Singing is also an interest of mine. I think I will probably get to do some singing as a hobby. However, I don’t see myself settling as a professional there,” she says.

May Myint Mo At 2015 Smart Group Of Companies Calender
May Myint Mo

Being part of the cast of Chanel 7’s TV serial “Pann Nu Thway”, May Myint Mo is someone who has achieved both audience’s support, and traveled far and wide in her line of work as an artist. Here we report about her words on her traveling experiences. “Since I was young, I was very fond of traveling. During summer holidays, I would travel all over Myanmar together with my family by car. During filming, I went to Kalaw and Pyin Oo Lwin with my fellow brothers and sisters of the entertainment industry. When I was shooting “Mhor Kyauk Sar” movie, I had a lot of fun getting to the locations of Taung Ngoo, Mandalay, Inwa. Travel really relaxes and lightens my mind.”

Htar Htet Htet At 2015 Smart Group Of Companies Calender
Htar Htet Htet

Htar Htet Htet got her start in acting with an action movie in her first role. And now, once again, it is with an action film that she gets her chance at the big screen, so she talks about how this genre brings her luck. “My first acting job was an action video movie. Now this big screen film is also action, so this is a lucky genre for me. I have always been very interested in action movies. This movie I am going to do, a big screen movie, is not like others. It is a bit special. My character is a Christian girl. I have a lot of hope for this film. I took a lot of care in preparing myself for this character, both in dressing style and hairstyle. I tried to make this character special and unlike other movie characters. My long hair had to be cut to fit this role. I also did some training for the action scenes.”

Khine Thazin Yu Wah At 2015 Smart Group Of Companies Calender
Khine Thazin Yu Wah

For the second season of talent show “Artist Garden”, which picks out capable potential actors from contestants, the final stage competition among finalists was held on 7th October in the Myanmar Movie Association Hall. For the said contest, the latest round of contestants was picked from the thirteen finalists of the previous step. “In the acting world, new generations are needed at all times,” said actor Myint Myat, who is one of the establishers of “Artist Garden”. For Artist Garden’s second time actor selection show, there were over 300 contestants who applied to be in it. From those 300 contestants, 13 people were selected to go on to the final stage competition. Included as one of these 13 finalists was Khine Thazin Yu War.

Khin Yadanar Hein At 2015 Smart Group Of Companies Calender
Khin Yadanar Hein

For the first time ever, Myanmar is participating in Miss World Pageant which is the biggest and grandest among the world’s beauty queen competitions. For this, the 20 Myanmar finalists from Miss Myanmar World 2014 have gone to famous landmarks of Singapore and Thailand for observation rounds. Among these 20 Miss Myanmar World finalists is Khin Yadanar Hein, who is number 14.

J Naw Maria At 2015 Smart Group Of Companies Calender
J Naw Maria

May Sue Mg At 2015 Smart Group Of Companies Calender
May Sue Mg

The daughter of film director Maung Myo Min (Yin Twinn Phyit), Htoo Nwe Aein, has decided to make her directorial debut with a film called “Dat Hlay Gar”. She reveals that she plans to create a film that is sure to excite the audience. Htoo New Aein started her career as a screenwriter, and “Dat Hlay Gar” will be her first effort as a director. It has been revealed that the cast for the film includes, among others, actress May Sue Mg.