Soul From Online Film Movie

actress phway phway
Actress- Phway Phway

‘Soul From Online’ film movie is produced by Lavendar film and video production and directed by Nyi Nyi Tun Lwin. The special show of film movie was shown at Tamada cinema on 20th December 2014. Actor Nay Toe, Academy Actress Phway Phway, Actres Chan Me Me Ko and other comedians acted in that movie. The movie is based on love story of between soul and human. In the movie, Shin Min Sett, the girl was betrayed by her boyfriend Khant Lu. She saw her boyfriend walks with another girl together and she had car accident during following her boyfriend then she died. After her dead, she becomes a soul. Later she got the Visiting Card of Soe SheinThar, a human, who is visiting to Ta Yaw Cho, his girlfriend’s grave. She gets the email address of Soe Shein Thar from that card.

actor nay toe
Actor- Nay Toe

actress chan me me ko
Actress- Chan Me Me Ko

Although she tried to contact to her boyfriend, it was not success. She met a soul named Thein Gi comforts her to forget and forgive about her boyfriend since she becomes a soul and takes the sharing of merit from her parents then go to heaven. During she is trying to escape from other bad souls, she reaches to a warehouse. She finds out a desktop computer with Internet from that warehouse because of her merit from her past. Then Shin Min Sett contacts to Soe Shein Thar via online however he did not believe that she is a soul at that time.


On the fourteenth day of her dead, Shinn Min Sett did not get the sharing of merit from her parent and could not go to heaven. Her mother, Daw Khine Cho Sett, got Heart Attack because of her then her mother was hospitalized. She asks Soe Shein Thar to help to enquiry about her mother condition. Soe Shein Thar goes to hospital and enquiry about her mother condition with suspect. He meets her father, U Aung Min, explained him that Shinn Min Sett is passed away two weeks ago.

actor zay yet htet
Actor- Zay Ye Htet

When Soe Shein Thar meets Shinn Min Sett at online, he asks her to prove that she is a soul. Meanwhile a thief comes into the warehouse where Shinn Min Sett is and she asks Soe Shein Thar to call the police station. After calling the police station, police come and caught that thief. Soe Shein Thar also comes to the warehouse and sees the chat history on the G-Talk from computer monitor screen. Then he realizes and believes that Shinn Min Sett is really a soul.

They meet again at online and he feels frightening. Shinn Min Sett comforts Soe Shein Thar not to fear of soul and she explained about soul. He pities her and they agree to help each other that Soe Shein Thar will help whatever Shinn Min Sett requests, Shinn Min Sett will help to find out where Ta Yaw Cho is going after dead. Soe Shein Thar and Shinn Min Sett lost contact each other during Shinn Min Sett's mother is visiting to foreign country for medicament. Soe Shein Thar explained to Khat Lu that Shinn Min Sett becomes a soul however Khat Lu does not believe that. Find out what happen next by watching more excited scenes from this film movie at theater.

soul from online film movie poster

Nay Toe acted as Soe Shein Thar, Phway Phway acted as Shin Min Sett, Zay Ye Htet acted as Khant Lu and Chan Me Me Ko acted as Tan Sin Tay in that movie. That movie gave the message that soul is not to be feared, it is poor thing and they are eliminated. Even a soul expects to meet the one they love in someday. And if you have an address of soul in your Facebook account, what would you do?