Yoon Mhi Mhi Kyaw Loves Swimming Sport

Yoon Mhi Mhi Kyaw

This is special post aimed to the summer season March. The person in this swimming suit fashion-photos album is Yoon Mhi Mhi Kyaw who love swimming sport, her beauty tips and her recent activities. Click on Read More and see about interview with her.

Yoon Mhi Mhi Kyaw

Yoon Mhi Mhi Kyaw

Yoon Mhi Mhi Kyaw

Yoon Mhi Mhi Kyaw
Photo- Thein Zaw Win


Q: What kind of sport do you interest in?
A: I love swimming sport however it is been long time not swimming. I can swim and love to.

Q: What do you feel about acting as model photo in Magazine cover with your favorite sport suit?
A: I am pleased and I prefer photo shooting at swimming pool or beach rather than other places. I also love to wear the swimming suit.

Q: What kind of sport do you do to maintain your body shape and skin?
A: I do not play Gym and just maintain my body shape by foods. I used to apply lotion for skin care because I usually have to go for outdoor shooting. I do not have any other special ways to maintain my body shape and skin.

Q: Which field do you interest in more, Acting or Modeling?
A: I am more interested in modeling before. After I worked closely with Yang Aung and Tin Moe Lwin during Academy Awarding Ceremony, I am more interested in acting. They also taught me.

Q: What did you feel when you are selected as Academy Award Holding Assistance?
A: I was so happy because I did not have chance to apply previous years. They asked me questions in interview and I could answer the questions. The selection process similar a small competition and even the process is short duration, I was so excited.

Q: What is your recent activity in entertainment industry?
A: I participated in John Lwin’s show last time and acting as photo model in Magazine currently. I have exam on next month and I will attend the school mainly.

Q: What kind of artist activity do you want to continue in the future?
A: Currently I am working as a Photo Model and I will continue doing current work my best.

Q: Will you accept the offers for acting in video movies?
A: Yes, I will. I am learning in acting by watching the movies but I am still not going to training yet.

Q: What message do you want to give to you fans?
A: Please give comments on her acting in Magazine cover, journal cover, movies or TVC programs. I want to request my fans to support me.