Myanmar Celebrities Fomented In 'Say No To Plastic Bags' Campaign And Comprehensive Celebrities News

wutt hmone shwe yee compelled In 'Say No To Plastic Bags' campaign

Nay Toe and Wutt Hmone Shwe Yee fomented in ‘Say No To Plastic Bags’ campaign on 4th July at Bagan during movie making.

su myat noe oo

“Hsu Myat Noe Oo singed the contract for leading actress role with new video production company”
Hsu Myat Noe Oo said she always work her best whether leading actress role or supporting actress role. However leading actress role is given more opportunity and response of audiences is better in her opinion. She will consider to act in other movies when she gets chances for better role as whether villain character or supporting character although she will act in leading actress role. She will mainly focus on the script of the movie and character to act.

singer chan chan and her daughter


“Third music album of Singer Chan Chan”
Chan Chan is making MTVs for her third music album “Dream” and she is expecting to release on September. There is four MTVs left to make and others are under editing. Most of the MTVs are based on the lyric of the song she said.

supporting actress goon pon

“Supporting actress Goon Pone is expecting Academy Award for the movie ‘Is This Love’ she acted”
Goon Pone acted as a yokel in ‘Is This Love’ movie. The character was pictured as a generous yokel if even her boyfriend ravened by other girl. She acted graphically as both comedian role and dram role in the movie. Goon Pone said the movie is Comedy-Drama which is presented the comedian actress can act as drama character. That movie is the one nurturing the comedian and she got a lot of chances to show her acting skills. She was not even a leading actress however she acted as main supporting actress role. She was satisfied so much because the director also gave her rights to act in the movie. The movie is also shortlisted in 2015 Academy Award Movie list.

singer hlwan paing

“Hlwan Paing is interested in acting”
Hlwan Paing is acting in some video movies meanwhile he is working as hip-hop singer career. He was familiar with acting since he is acting in MTVs for his own songs. He sang the song and he play with toys with making up stories since childhood. Actor Dway is his favorite actor and he likes the movie of Dway so much. He will continue acting in video movies and he acted in ‘Old Jacket’ and ’67 Plaza’ movies. He is also trying to finish his solo music album ‘Song Writer Hlwan Paing’.