Phway Phway Had A Rose Shape Tattoo On Her Leg And Comprehensive Celebrities News

Phway Phway

“Phway Phway Had A Rose Shape Tattoo On Her Leg”
Phway Phway acted as leading actress role in “I am a rose, darling” film movie which got attention from audiences since before it is released and it was spread out through Internet before showing at cinemas. Although the movie was success regarding art form, it was loss regarding income. There are only a few movies with good quality of sound system in Myanmar movie industry. This film movie was spent 6 Million Kyats (6,000USD) for sound system. Phway Phway had a rose shape tattoo on her leg for remembrance of the film movie.

Wyne Lay

“Miss Myanmar World Wyne Lay Prefers Success Rather Than Popular”
Wyne Lay recently released her solo music album “Selfie” and audiences can purchase her songs from Myanmar Music Online Store. Her music album reached to the top bestseller list within two weeks. City Mart, Yakin Center and other shops order her album more and she thanks to her fans who purchased original music album. Her fans from foreign country are able to purchase her songs via Myanmar Music Online Store because they want to listen the voice of Miss Myanmar World. She wants her fans to purchase her song via online as they buy original one. They can purchase with 300kyats per song. When they deleted their song accidently, they can download them again with free of charge. Now her “Selfie” music album is top-five in Shwe FM and top-six in City FM. She prefers success rather than popular so that she does not like popular.



“Spouse of Actor Dway Donated Food To 200 Mocks At Monastery For Him”
Spouse and family members of Actor Dway donated food to 200 mocks for Dway who was passed away on 11th July 2007. They used to donate on the day he passed away however this year they donate on 10th July because the monastery was not available for the event on that day. Spouse of Dway said as long as she alive, she will do donation for Dway every year. Although Dway was passed away last 8 years, she still feels as recent incident. Her life does not settle down yet and she does not know what to do until now. His fans are also still missing him and they share their feeling with her via Facebook. She is very please and thanks to his fans for missing him. 

Htun Yati

“Htun Yati Does Not Like Soppy Feeling”
Singer Htun Yati was succeeded with solo music album “Take My Loves” and she is ready to release her second solo music album “Loved Already” on coming September. Many popular songwriters wrote the songs for her in that music album and there is some songs written by herself. She selected songs very carefully for second album. She mixed the songs both she likes and audiences like. The audiences will make the decision for success of album same as they did on first album before. She likes to give the title of songs about love so that she named as “Loved Already” on second album. She does not like soppy feeling and she prefers the story about a guy loves a naughty girl.

Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi

“Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi Is Selling Fancy Jewelry For Her Fans”
Academy Awarded actress Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi is producing Fancy Collection for her fans since 10th Aug 2014 and now she just recently launch earring and necklace made by SWAROVSKI crystals. She just targeted to her fans who like Jewelry and love to store the stuff from her. So that she is producing limited number of product. In fact, selling fancy stuff keep her busier and that is not her main job. She is not selling for profit but for remembrance. Her fancy stuff can be purchased via online from first of July.