Shwe Yay Htin Htin Is Considering To Be An Actress And Comprehensive Celebrities News

female writer shwe yay htin htin

"Director Thein Dan (Phoenix) Not Encouraging Writer Shwe Yay Htin Htin to Become Actress"
Director Thein Dan (Phoenix) has been setting some of his time aside to read screenplays written by Shwe Yay Htin Htin, and giving her some advice and opinions for improvement. He maintains that due to her lack of interest in acting, he has not been encouraging her to become an actress, but instead has been giving her tips to become a better writer, while on breaks from shooting on the set.

actress chaw yadanar and her son

"Actress Chaw Yadanar Has No Plans of Leaving Entertainment Industry"
Actress Chaw Yadanar participated in a music and dance show event that commemorated Myanmar women by displaying their clothing styles and fashions. This was her first come-back performance after taking a hiatus from her work as an artist. So naturally, she was rather excited. These days, because she also has to give time for her son, she has to be more selective in choosing acting roles. She states that she will only be able to accept roles that are both suitable and convenient for her.

comedian kyaw htoo and his daughter chit chit zaw


"Comedian Kyaw Htoo’s Daughter Chit Chit Zaw Wants to be Designer"
The daughter of comedian Kyaw Htoo, Chit Chit Zaw, has stated that she wants to enter the entertainment world through becoming a designer. Regarding her father’s wardrobe, Chit Chit Zaw has been preparing it for him for some time now. Right now, due to her busy schedule following and helping her father out on sets, she does not have time yet to attend courses for designing. She is currently in her third year at a distance learning university. After she graduates, she plans to turn her attention towards designing courses.

singer aung la couple

"Singer Aung La Disturbed by Fake News on Internet"
Recently, a piece of news has come up on an internet website, announcing that Aung La is set to become a father of a son. However, this news seriously bothered the musician Aung La. He has stated that this news is doubly hurtful because not only is it not true, but it has also come at a time when he is desperately trying for a baby without success. Therefore, seeing this wrong news at this trying time has been very agitating for him.

pyay thudra and her younger brother

"Designer Ei Kyaw Zin Says Nephew Exactly Like Actress Eindra Kyaw Zin"
Academy award winner Pyay Ti Oo and Academy award winner Eindra Kyaw Zin’s son was born on June 27th, 06:06:06 am. This has been a very happy event for their whole family. Eindra Kyaw Zin’s elder sister, designer Ei Kyaw Zin expresses her delight in her nephew. For her mother, this was the first grandson among other grandchildren. So this is a new experience for all of them, as well as a very special and happy occasion. Ei Kyaw Zin also thinks her nephew looks a great deal like his famous mother. According to her, he looks just like Eindra Kyaw Zin when she was a baby. Eindra Kyaw Zin’s elder child, daughter Pyay Thudra, has also been elated with the arrival of her baby brother. In fact, she could not even be persuaded to go home, preferring to stay at the hospital by her younger brother’s side.