Zay Ye Htet Had Injection For V Shape On His Face And Comprehensive Celebrities News

Zay Ye Htet

Zay Ye Htet said he does not want to feel about love and just want to enjoy the works. He is struggling his life alone. He does not ready to have another person in his life for now. He does not have time to give to that person and he is giving priority on job rather than other matters. He had injection on his face for V shape and he had it one year long already. His original cheek is bulge. When he chews the food too much, his cheek is getting bulge more. The side effect of getting injection is uncomfortable during chewing foods.

Htoo Myat Kyaw Ye Aung


The generation of talented actor Kyaw Ye Aung, Htoo Myat Kyaw Ye Aung acted with Phway Phway as her younger brother in movie “First Floor Honeymoon” directed by Nyo Min Lwin. Htoo Myat Kyaw acted in movie “Letter of Death” as his first movie one year ago with his father Kyaw Ye Aung, Soe Myat Thuzar and May Kabyar. Director Nyo Min Lwin is a mentor for him. He is acting in some movie during term break of his school. His acted the character was same as his character in reality so that he did not have any pressure during acting. He is studying Management major at MHR School and he will work as actor whenever he is getting chance. His father always let him act as he wishes during acting then he realizes that acting job is more difficult than he expected. His younger sister Hmone Nantar Kyaw Ye Aung is also interested in acting job however she is giving priority her education currently.

Bobby Soxer

Bobby Soxer @ Htet Htet is acting in MTVs for her solo music album “21” and first MTV for “Dream of Married Life” song was finished. The song was innovated from old one and the MTV was created as backcloth of 1950. She consulted with Director Win Lwin Htet carefully and they looked for old house. “Sanay Ma” is the most popular song from her solo album and she is thinking to create a MTV based on superhero story. She will act as superhero woman and MTV will be created with using Chroma background and special effects. She will have to negotiate the schedule for creating MTVs with directors and it will take a year for twelve MTVs. There are not many MTV directors so that she will have to wait long for appointment with them.