Thai Actor Mario Maurer Visits To Myanmar

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Famous Thai Actor Mario Maurer known as Pee Mak Actor visited to Myanmar and here is his answer during interview session.

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Que: Do you like visiting to Myanmar?
Ans: I do like and I wanted to visit to Myanmar since before. There is a lot of interesting places in Myanmar for me.

Que: What is your most interested thing about Myanmar?
Ans: I interested in famous Shwe Dagon Pagoda and noble peace prize winner Aung Sann Su Kyi. I heard about her a lot.

Que: Are you comfortable with Myanmar foods?
Ans. They arranged everything for me. Especially I like Mote Hinn Khar.

Que: Do you know that here in Myanmar has a lot of your fans?
Ans: I am happy about that. Many people welcome to me at airport unexpectedly.

Que: What message do you want to give to Myanmar fans?
Ans: We are neighborhood countries. Although the history of our countries is not good, our heart need to close each other because we are neighbors. I love my fans.