NLD Party Stimulated Concert Of Celebrities

Chit Thu Wai

On October 1, at Ingapu township where Ayerwaddy division prime minister U Thein Aung will be participate in election, although NLD party stimulate concert of celebrities had some forbids, but completely finished. That concert was held in Malzaligone, Ingapu township, the singer and actress, Htun Eaindra Bo, Chit Tu Wai and other singers came and stimulate for NLD party’s victory, and around ten thousands of people came and participate.

Eaindra Kyaw Zin

Lu Min

Pyay Ti Oo

Tu Tu

The rival of prime minister U Thein Aung, Ingapu township, NLD party division parliament constituency (1) parliament candidate U Aung Kyaw Khine said “today concert is included in commission’s permit. But today concert is not only a stimulate party victory, but also a concert, the commission inform us to represent again, so we urgently represent at night and arrange this concert.”


Also, on the first day of lecture of NLD party, at the front of party campaign office coincide with concrete road opening ceremony, donation ceremony of donate rice and things for the victims of floods, ceremony of registration, so they hardly negotiated with the urban people till night before concert, finally arrange the concert at Bo Aung Kyaw Hall, Ingapu township.

Htun Eaindra Bo

Soe Pyae Thazin

Kaw Ni


Anaga and Singers

On November 1 noon at Melzaligone football field, Ingapu township, they held the concert and the celebrities went perform to Myan Aung township, where Pyi Khine Phyo party Railway Union minister U Than Htay will be participate in election, hundred thousands of people came and participate.